What is the Middle Way Method?

The Middle Way is the result of a struggle to determine what works from the view of top down planning and what works from the view of bottom up planning, and where they meet in the middle.

The Middle Way Method is comprised of several processes, which can be followed as a whole, or selected individually to help improve your own system.  The processes are:

  1. Create and maintain mission and vision statements
  2. Set well defined and measurable goals
  3. Keep a journal with an emphasis on self reflection
  4. Capture data and information
  5. Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Reviews
  6. Create and maintain an effective planning system

The Middle Way Method is based on the principles that there is a lot of stuff to get done, and at least some of it is important to us, and some is not.  By keeping an eye on what is important, and making room for accomplishing things important to us.  The Middle Way will teach you how to define what is important, and make room in a busy week to accomplish some of the important items.

The Middle Way Method builds a foundation of knowing who you are and who you want to become.  From that foundation it helps you to define goals, which have specific steps and to manage your day to day activities.

From its inception the Middle Way Method has had its eye on personal development and daily productivity with an emphasis on easy to follow routines, which can be used independently of each-other, or together to make you more productive.


The Middle Way Method

Where Top-Down and Bottom-up Meet in the Middle

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