Recently I needed a new system, because the notebooks I used were stolen by my kids. I decided to create a new digital system, because I started using a new online software called Citadel.

Citadel is a fully integrated online email and collaboration software. It has been in development for a very long time, and is very mature, because it started as a BBS system in the 1980s. So far, it has worked out great for my system.

After I setup Citadel, I discovered I had all of the tools I needed for my system.
Citadel provides the following tools, which I am using for the system:

  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Web Interface
  • Email Interface
  • Tasks
  • Floors
  • Rooms
  • Blogs
  • Folders

You notice I mentioned some unusual tools, Rooms and Floors. Citadel uses an analogy of a building, I have been using that to organize the different parts of my system.

Mission and Vison Statements

I created a room for my Mission and Vision Statements. This allowed me to create a “blog” type room, where I can easily read or edit my statements.

Projects and Tasks

I have started creating personal task “Rooms.” For each project/goal, I create a room in which I create tasks. I can then assign the tasks I want to accomplish a due date in the week to put them on my calendar.


I am using another private blog for my journal as part of this system.


This system is very ubiquitus. It is on a server I control, and I can access it through a web interface, or I can use my phone and access most parts of the system.

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